Bob Katsionis


Babis "Bob" Katsionis aka IBob


Keyboard, Guitar (6&7 strings)


Μπάμπης Κατσιώνης

Babis 'Bob' Katsionis also known as IBob, is the keyboard player and ritm guitarist of Firewind.

His Firewind HistoryEdit

After a couple of years in the Greek Metal scene and some common friends with Gus G Bob learned about Gus and emaild a few times with him. After a while Gus invited him to his house to talk about general stuff and Gus asked him to join him and Firewind on a Japan headlining tour as a session member. After the tour Bob was hired as a full member of the band. After Forged by Fire Firewind took a new music direction with now a band that is not only about Gus started Bob playing a bigger part in the band as songwriter and as band member. Now after 3 albums with Firewind Bob also does some Keyboard solo's in Firewind songs.


Bob also has a Solo project where he plays Neo-classic Keyboard, he has released 3 albums so far and is working on a fourth he also wants to do some touring but nothing is comfirmed about any dates.


Bob also started a band with one of his guitar students Tony Kash, after recording a few demo's and losing that work he recruted Mark Cross (Firewind member at that time). They released one album so far and a second album will start recordings this summer.