Days of Defiance
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Riding on the Wind (Itunes)

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Days of Defiance is the 6th studio album by Firewind, the name was comfirmed on 26 may 2010 and it will be the first album with drummer Michael Ehre.

The Release dates are going to be October 25 for Europe and October 26 for the US


  1. "The Ark of Lies"
  2. "World on Fire"
  3. "Chariot"
  4. "Embrace the Sun"
  5. "The Departure"
  6. "Heading for the Dawn"
  7. "Broken"
  8. "Cold As Ice"
  9. "Kill In The Name Of Love"
  10. "SKG"
  11. "Losing Faith"
  12. "The Yearning"
  13. "When All Is Said And Done"
  14. "Riding On The Wind" (Itunes Bonus Track)


World on Fire