Metal Magnetism Interview

1. So, FIREWIND...what, where, how.....tell us everything about you!

It all started in 1998 when I decided to record my songs on a CD. At the time, I had been sending my demos to David T. Chastain at Leviathan Records and David encouraged me to work on my sound and style. I recorded a CD with a couple of friends in Boston, MA (back then I was living in the USA). That's where the Firewind idea was born. However, that Firewind CD never saw the light of day, as it was quite unfocused stylistically, so I kept it for myself and continued working hard on new material. At some point, Chastain told me that he wanted to help me put the band together and produce my music! So, he got me in touch with ex-Kenziner vocalist, Stephen Fredrick and drummer Brian Harris, also from Kenziner and Zanister. I was very happy to hear that those guys wanted to join the band!! I brought Konstantine in the band, who is a great bass player. So, the line-up was complete, and after I had finished writing the material (that took a few months), the recordings started. Guitars and bass were recorded at Prophecy studios in Greece, vocals at Leviathan studios in Atlanta and drums at Audioasis studio in Ohio. David directed and supervised the recordings and after they were completed, we mixed it at Sweden's Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordstrom.

2. Are you satisfied with this first album?

Yes, I'm satisfied with everything. Everybody has done a great and very professional job.

3. How did you get on to sign with MASSACRE records ?

Leviathan shopped the album to different labels for licences worldwide. We felt that Massacre Records was the label that believed most in FIREWIND, which proves to be true. They were interested in the band from the very beginning. So, I guess it was an easy choice for us to chose Massacre to work with.

4. Brian Harris and Stephen Fredrick were members of KENZINER, and they're playing in FIREWIND now. Does it mean that KENZINER have given up ?

Yes, I think that Kenziner has split up. They were a good band.

5. Generally speaking, do you that 2002 will be a good year as regards the metal albums and bands ?

I have no clue how this year will be, but I hope it will be good for heavy metal!!!
Anyway, thanx a lot and make sure you check out our debut album "Between Heaven and Hell" out on Massacre Records. Stay METAL and hope to see u all soon!!!