Gus G Interview by Paradise Metal

How did you start your career, and what got you to play the guitar?

Gus G: I started playing when I was 10. I was inspired to pick up the guitar after I heard Peter Frampton and Al Di Meola.

How did you find the right people to line up Firewind?

Gus G: I met them through David Chastain.

What's the importance of David Chastain to this band?

Gus G: It was through David that I met Stephen and Brian Harris. He has also helped me a lot with the whole direction of the project and has been behind this, since day 1.

Stephen Frederick has put up a great performance on the album, even better than his previous stuff with Kenziner. Do you agree?

Gus G: 100%!!!

Man, you're a son of a gun riff-machine! (Laughs). Where do you take so many ideas from?

Gus G: I don't know, they just keep coming!!!!

What are your favorite guitar players?

Gus G: Michael Schenker, Uli Roth and Yngwie.

In this album you play a song about the tragedy of September 11. What did take you to put this on your music?

Gus G: I think Stephen's responsible for those lyrics. I think it's cool that he expressed himself through a song like World of Conflict For what happened in September 11th.

Is Firewind your priority or does Dream Evil shares space with Firewind in your mind?

Gus G: Both FIREWIND and DREAM EVIL are my priorities.

This band's sound is a classic/melodic metal. What other bands from this style would you highlight?

Gus G: I really like Lost Horizon. I think they are an awesome band!!!

What's your favorite Between Heaven and Hell track? Why?

Gus G: I love all of my songs, since they're my creations. However, I enjoy listening to Tomorrow can wait, Warrior and World of Conflict.

Is that cover illustration trying to represent the midway between heaven and hell?

Gus G: Maybe. One can make up his own interpretation.

How's the Greek metal scene like? What are the most important bands there?

Gus G: I think there are some great Greek bands. I really like Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Horrified and Exhumation and to me those are the most important bands from our country. However, there is tons of new bands coming out these days, and I wish them the best In the future.

What do you know 'bout Brazil?

Gus G: It's the country of great coffee, the country with the best football team in the world and the country that has a great band like Sepultura!

Cheers, and thanks so much for the interview. The best of luck with touring and new stuff

Gus G: Thanks a lot 4 supporting FIREWIND! Cheers!!!!! Gus G.