Gus G Interview by Metal Culture

1. As even I didn«t know you until a short time ago , please introduce yourself to our readers.

Gus G: Hello, my name is Gus G. and I play guitar in the heavy metal band FIREWIND. The rest of my bandmates are Stephen Fredrick on vocals, Konstantine on bass and Brian Harris on drums.

2. I think your album is a quite succesfull piece of work, what do you think about it ?

Gus G: I'm very proud of this album, we put a lot of work in it!

3. In the "Rock hard" you have really so-to-say been you feel that as a good or rather as a bad thing?`?

Gus G: If you're talking about "Rock Hard" magazine, I think they like FIREWIND very much and have done a good presentation of the band. They have supported all my musical efforts so far. I've been informed that in Germany they consider me a good guitarist and all that, so I guess being an acclaimed guitarist is a good thing.

4. What are your lyrics about?

Gus G: Our lyrics vary from fantasy stuff to real life situations like war, mankind's direction, etc.

5. Are you going to go on tour now?

Gus G: We're working on it. No official dates yet.

6. If yes, will you then also come to Germany ?

Gus G: If we go on a European tour, I think we will play in Germany.

7. Are there any other news from Firewind ?

Gus G: Well, we were currently informed that our debut "Between Heaven and Hell" is doing very good in Japan, so we're happy for that! I will start working on new material soon for the next album and of course check out touring opportunities.

8. Thank you a lot for the interview but I have still one question left: Who came up with the idea of the name firewind and what does it mean ?

Gus G: I came up with the name FIREWIND. I took it from one of Uli Roth's albums, with his band, Electric Sun. I think it's a very powerful and catchy name! I believe that Fire is also a symbol of power and our music definitely has fire in it!!! Thanx for your support! Stay METAL!!!