Life Foreclosed is the tenth and ending song of The Premonition, the lytrics where written by David T. Chastain and the music by Gus G. The track duration is 4:53 and it is also on Live Premonition


Dark clouds, on the horizon Black thoughts, within your mind Deep within, the cold and darkness You know it's our time

The world goes on without you The evil survives The world bleeds more day by day No one even tries

Life foreclosed and payment is due It's the end for me and you Blood and destruction,Anger's seduction The earth screams her last cries

We are the destroyers of life We are the bringers of pain We are the last ones alive We know that it's true Yes, we know that it's true

Endless war, a trait of man Endless hate, is all we understand Endless poor, hold out their hands Endless greed, just turned and ran

And the world looks on in anguish At life's suicide

Life foreclosed Life foreclosed Life foreclosed