Live in Japan is a bootleg live album of the Burning the Earth tour. It was recorded at Club Quattro in Tokyo, Japan

While it's often clamed to be an official album, it's actually only a bootleg. It is not recognised as a Firewind album by Gus G or Firewind.

It is the earliest known concert recording of Firewind that is available to the public. 


  1. Steal Them Blind
  2. Warrior
  3. Burning Earth
  4. Immortal Lives Young
  5. Tomorrow Can Wait
  6. Guitar solo
  7. The Fire and the Fury
  8. Between Heavan and Hell
  9. Love of My Life (Queen Cover)
  10. Brother's Keeper
  11. Destination Forever
  12. Waiting Still
  13. The Longest Day
  14. I Am the Anger


  • Most copies of this bootleg are missing the cover "Rock You Like a Hurricane", originally by The Scorpions, which Rob Rock joined Firewind onstage.