Stephen Frederick

Stephen Fredrick


The first official singer of Firewind, he has recorded 2 full albums with firewind and was planned to be tour with the Burning Earth line-up he called off and a last minute replacement needed to be found.

He and Firewind founder and mainman Gus G only me a few times and its known that band photo's from Between Heaven and Hell are shot in 4 times on 4 different locations and photo-shopped onto eatch other. its also unknown if he plays the singer in the I Am the Anger video clip because the ingers face isnt shown.

In 2007 he played a live show with the Allegiance line-up on there ProgPower USA show, the only members of Firewind from his era where Gus G and Petros Christo.

Discography with FirewindEdit

  1. Between Heaven and Hell
  1. Burning Earth