January 12, 2008 Principal Theater Thessaloniki.

The special show for the filming of Live Premonition.


  1. Allegiance
  2. Insanity
  3. Into the Fire
  4. Head up High
  5. Mercenary Man
  6. Angels Forgive Me
  7. My Loneliness
  8. Circle of Life
  9. The Silent Code
  10. Life Foreclosed
  11. Destination Forever
  12. Keyboard solo
  13. Guitar solo
  14. The Fire and the Fury
  15. Perasmenes Mou Agapes
  16. Drum solo/Dream Chaser (outro)
  17. Till the End of Time
  18. Deliverance
  19. Brothers Keeper
  20. Between Heaven and Hell
  21. I am the |Anger
  22. Falling to Pieces
  23. Tyranny


  • Perasmenes Mou Agapes was cut from the DVD because of copyright reasons
  • Its unknown if Dream Chaser was played full or if it was played only as the Drum solo outro you see on the DVD